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Trust Your Estate Planning to an Experienced Palm Springs Attorney

Detailed strategies to protect your assets and establish your legacy

At the Law Offices of Matthew J. Hunter, our focus on preventative law enables us to design and implement comprehensive estate plans to serve our clients’ needs. The wealth you’ve worked hard to accumulate is vulnerable on many fronts: creditors, liability claimants, and the tax man may all want an outsized share of the legacy you’d like to enjoy in retirement and then pass to your heirs. We can help you with asset protection strategies and the most appropriate means to transfer wealth to your loved ones.

Living trusts help your estate avoid probate

A will is not the only way to transfer wealth. By establishing a living trust, you can enjoy your wealth in your lifetime and then transfer it seamlessly to beneficiaries you name in the trust documents. Trusts are flexible instruments, so you can design them to meet your needs. Trusts allow you to put conditions on your bequest or arrange an allowance for a beneficiary. So, for example, you can leave gifts to a special needs relative without disqualifying them for government benefits.

In our estate planning practice, we endeavor to create a comprehensive plan that addresses the full range of your needs.

Executing a valid will that reflects your intentions

Every individual should have a last will and testament. Even if you have a modest estate, your will is your last opportunity to communicate with your loved ones and express the affection you have for them. If you do not execute a valid will, the state takes charge of your assets and distributes them according to California’s inheritance laws. We offer a variety of will services, including:

  • Will drafting — For a will to be valid, its language must be clear and unambiguous. It’s also important to account for all your assets, to avoid partial intestacy, which requires the court to distribute unmentioned assets according to state law. We draft wills clearly and concisely so the court has no difficulty validating the instrument and implementing its directives.
  • Changing your will — It’s important to update your will every two to three years. Your financial situation may change, or you might alienate certain property you had earmarked for a particular loved one. We review wills and update them whenever necessary.

Living wills and powers of attorney give you the say in who manages your affairs

  • Living wills We help clients execute advance health directives or living wills to record their intentions regarding future medical interventions. If you are not comfortable with extreme lifesaving measures, you can declare the limits of what you find acceptable.  These documents also enable you to nominate the person that you wish to make healthcare decisions for you, if you are unable to do so yourself.
  • Power of Attorney – A power of attorney is part of an overall estate planning strategy because it permits you to designate whom you wish to make financial decisions for you either immediately or under certain limited circumstances, such as becoming incompetent or incapacitated.

When you retain our estate planning services, you get personalized attention from a knowledgeable attorney who is determined to help you avoid the many drawbacks of doing a will, trust, living will, or other estate planning document yourself or, worse yet, doing without one. An estate plan only works if it addresses the full range of your needs for asset protection and transfer of wealth. For personalized, detailed and diligent service, you can trust the Law Offices of Matthew J. Hunter. Call us at (760) 656-6282 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.


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