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Estate Management Is An Involved Process That Requires the Steady Hand Of An Experienced Law Firm

After the passing of a loved one, the work of administering the estate begins. There are assets to marshall, bills to pay, money and property to distribute, tax returns to file, and notices to provide. “Where do I begin” is a question often heard. Whether it’s the probate of a will or the administration of a trust, it can all be overwhelming.  The Law Offices of Matthew J. Hunter, has the patience, compassion, and understanding to be of real assistance.

The Law Offices of Matthew J. Hunter, provides comprehensive probate and trust administration services that range from the simple and modest to the large and complex. Family dynamics are often the first consideration in developing the right approach in any estate administration. The hallmark of our firm is our steadfast recognition that our clients are the fiduciaries (executors or trustees). We jealously guard and protect our fiduciary clients from problems that may arise in the normal course of the administration, whether from issues relating to property held in the estate or from others interested in the estate. We recognize that for most fiduciaries the experience of managing a decedent’s estate will be new and daunting. We maintain constant communications with our clients to help ensure their understanding and appreciation of the task at hand.

Coordination with other professionals, such as accountants and other financial consultants, is also a key to the success of any estate administration. We maintain strong relationships with accountants, financial planners and asset managers, and work closely with them to ensure that they have all necessary information to properly handle and report assets distributed by the estate.

Administrations should not be unduly protracted or delayed. We identify short and long term tasks early in the administration, building on expectations for an efficient process, and work closely with our clients to see that these benchmarks serve as the proper guides to which they were intended. When necessary, we take the extra effort to provide our clients with concise outlines and memoranda.  We conclude all engagements with clear and understandable advice regarding any ongoing duties and obligations of the client

No matter the size of the estate, and no matter its complexity, the Law Offices of Matthew J. Hunter is prepared to step in and help relieve the burden that the passing of a loved one can suddenly impose on a family.  Estate administration, whether probate or trust, under most circumstances is a complex task that requires the assistance of an attorney. Here at the Law Offices of Matthew J. Hunter, we have the experience that you need in order to take care of your loved one’s estate and carry out his or her wishes.


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